Viviane Fairbank

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I am a writer and editor based in Montreal, formerly an editor and head of research at The Walrus. I have written, edited, and fact-checked for The Walrus, Harper's, NPR, the Literary Review of Canada, Reader's Digest, TVO, Toronto Life, BESIDE, The Ryerson Review of Journalism, and Smithsonian—and I was nominated for Best New Writer at the 2017 National Magazine Awards. Currently, I'm pursuing graduate studies in philosophy at Concordia University. In partnership with Allison Baker, Carleton University's Future of Journalism Initiative, and The Walrus, I am also a 2021 Michener-L. Richard O'Hagan Fellow, working to produce a free, digital curriculum and a book about fact-checking longform journalism in the post-truth era.

Selected writing:

Literary Review of Canada

The Walrus